Wooden Playclips - Waldorf, Montessori Building Toy

Playclips make fort-building and make-believe play easy! Our optimally sized Playclips fit nicely in a child's hand while still having a sturdy grip. Children will use Playclips to clip Playsilks, Playcottons, and sheets, firmly together and onto imaginative play scenes. A classic back to school staple in Waldorf classrooms for over 29 years. * Fort building with Playclips is easy and fun! Children of all ages will use them to fasten Playsilks, Playcottons, and other play materials to all kinds of objects. * Developing the senses with Playclips comes naturally. Children will instantly pick up on their practical utility and experiment with gripping, squeezing, and fastening! * Handmade of Maple wood in California, USA, our Playclips are all-natural toys that are healthy for your children and healthy for the environment.