Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai

Recorded at Studio Somil, Rio De Janeiro in 1972, this album was produced, arranged and directed by the self-taught, Arthur Verocai. He had previously worked on many records in various capacities by the likes of Jorge Ben, Ivan Lins and Celia, but this release gave him the chance to do his thing in it's most pure form. The 29 minute masterpiece, perfect in it's arrangement and fusion of sonics, epitomizes the sound of Brazil at the time; strings, guitars, pianos, break beats, bass lines, synthesizers, vocals from the wonderful Célia, Carlos Dafe and Oberdan (Banda Black Rio), plus percussion from Pedro Santos and Paulo Moura on sax.  Bossa nova, samba, jazz, MPB, psychedelics and funk sit side by side effortlessly here. The collection transcends the genre of Brazilian music, and in fact all genres. It's also highlighted in part by the number of artists that have sampled from it including MF Doom, Ludacris, Common, Little Brother, Jneiro Jarel aka Dr Who Dat?, Dibiase and Action Bronson amongst others. Mr. Bongo's definitive re-issue is an exact replica of the gatefold original LP and the source master is taken from the Continental tapes, re-mastered in 2012 under Arthur's supervision.