Los Angeles–based Swiss Uruguayan artist Jill Mulleady (born 1980) creates critically acclaimed paintings whose abiding mood suggests pent-up tensions between isolate figures in incongruously lush, sumptuously chromatic landscapes and domestic interiors. Recalling early modernist painters of intensely loaded psychic atmosphere such as Félix Vallotton and Edvard Munch, and perhaps informed by her training in theater, Mulleady’s backdrops, rendered in her characteristic tones of gray, crimson and absinthe green, are generally invented, or may sometimes draw on the contours of her immediate environment, such as the parks of Los Angeles; her figures, meanwhile, seem lost in contemplation, alienated, even despairing at times. This beautifully produced volume presents the artist’s paintings from 2015 to 2021, and features a special cover design by Mulleady.