Kally Berry Fennel Sipper (Non-Alcoholic) - 24-Can Case

Kally is an adult, non-alcoholic beverage made for sipping. Kally’s flavors balance acidity, tannins and sweetness to create a unique alcohol alternative Berry Fennel is earthy, bold, and rich. This non-alcoholic sipper pairs a burst of fresh berry flavor with notes of dark chocolate to create a combination unlike any other. Kally starts with locally-sourced verjus. We press tart, young California grapes into a golden liquid. Verjus gives structure to Kally, and helps to balance the acids, tannins and sugars—just like in a great wine. We consider it our playground. By combining verjus with real food ingredients, like fruit, teas, and botanicals, we create a layered, complex, sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage. Our drinks are non-alcoholic and contain no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners and no added sugar. This case comes packaged as 4 X 6-packs (with PakTech can carriers) which can be resold directly or broken up into individual cans. Cans are 8oz "sleek" cocktail cans.