Lili Ruby Sparkler (Non-Alcoholic) 24 oz Bottle

Lili is a California-inspired adult sparkling beverage, crafted from real food ingredients. Lili delivers expertly carbonated bubbles, an extra-crisp finish and a celebratory pop. Lili is all bubbles and no booze, ready for any occasion, big or small. Refreshing and rich, our Ruby Sparkler has notes of jammy cherry and tart cranberries, with a hint of toasted oak. Lili starts with locally-sourced verjus. We press tart, young California grapes into a golden liquid. Verjus gives structure to Lili, and helps to balance the acids, tannins and sugars—just like in a great wine. We consider it our playground. By combining verjus with real food ingredients, like fruit, teas, and botanicals, we create a layered, complex, sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage. Lili contains only real food ingredients and is non-alcoholic, contains no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners and no added sugar.