O.V Wright - Nickel And A Nail And Ace Of Spades 2xLP / 7"


O.V Wright is one of the greatest soul singers of all time, and here we have a two record and one single set that covers all his best material! Producer of these session's Willie Mitchell (who also produced Al Green and Ann Peebles) stated that O.V. was the best soul singer he ever heard. Otis Redding felt threatened by O.V's talent. O.V could keep an audience hypnotized without moving a muscle and just using his pure pitch perfect voice. He is a singer of mythic proportions and we believe this LP proves it. The first record of this set is a straight repro of O.V's best and hardest to find release - Nickel And A Nail And Ace Of Spades. We spared no expense to get the best sound possible. The second LP is a "best of" O.V titled "Everybody Knows The Best Of O.V Wright". It collects songs released on O.V's singles recorded between 1964 and 1972. Some real hard to find songs as well as some well known hits... The record also comes with a bonus 7" by The Sunset Travelers, a Gospel band featuring O.V before he went secular and the great Johnnie Frierson (Wendy Rene's brother, writer of "After Laughter Come Tears" and artist behind the all time great LP "Have You Been Good To Yourself"). The A side, "Aint' That Good News", is the Gospel prototype for O.V's secular "Everybody Knows". The B side, "Another Day Lost", is a Gospel tune that was later turned into a soul hit by soul legend Reuben Bell. If you like soul music, there is no way you can do without this record, and the price is right for a double LP with a bonus 7".